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Ranipet SIDCO Finished Leather Tannery Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd (SIDCO Phase I)

Ranipet is an industrial town about 110 km from Chennai on Chennai-Bangalore national highway. It is an important tannery cluster. There are more than 200 tanneries operating in and around Ranipet town. Apart from the tanneries there are about 51 leather product units, including manufacturers of shoes, leather goods, and shoe components in and around this town. The total export turnover of the leather industrial sector from this cluster is about Rs.1000 crores per annum. A substantial quantity of leather produced here is also sold in the domestic market to other downstream product manufacturers in different parts of the country. Much of their production is also exported.

There are five common effluent treatment units (CETPs) operating for tanneries in Ranipet and adjoining Melvisharam tannery clusters. Apart from the CETPs there are 10 individual effluent treatment plants for the tanneries.

SIDCO-1 CETP has an installed treatment capacity of 2500 m3/d. It services 86 member tanneries. Ranipet SIDCO Finished Leather Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd, a company, established by the member tanners, is responsible for operation and maintenance of the CETP. It is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of elected member tanners. Mr. V. Jayachandran, a prominent tanner of the area, is currently the Technical Director of the company.

Contact details of the CETP:

Ranipet SIDCO Finished Leather Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd
Plot No. 199, SIDCO Indl. Estate
Ranipet – 632 403.
Telephone: +91-4172-244 771 / 246 221 / 246 210
Fax: +91-4172-222 898 / 244 771

Project Components

The ZLD system  in SIDCO-1 CETP consists of the following:

  1. CETP upgradation: modification of equalization tank with new mixing system, new mechanical screen, new mechanisms and bridges for primary & secondary clarifiers, modification of existing aeration tank with new blowers and diffusers, additional mechanical sludge dewatering, softening to remove hardness and improvement in monitoring.
  2. RO system: Pre-treatment filtration, organic scavenger, ultra-filtration, two stage reverse osmosis and automated control system for the same.
  3. Mechanical Evaporation of RO reject: Seven effect evaporation with thermal vapour re-compression system and pusher centrifuge for separation of salts.
  4. Salt disposal yard: special disposal unit store generated salt for two years at full capacity.
  5. Recovered water conveyance system: overhead tank and piping system with metering for conveying the recovered water back to individual tanneries. Individual tanneries are providing individual storage tanks with more than one day storage capacity.

The turnkey implementation of the project was awarded to Mumbai based Hydroair Tectonics PCD Ltd based on a two stage competitive tendering. The contract value is Rs. 27.8 crores and the total project cost including administrative charges is Rs. 29.2 Crores.

Current Position

Thus all the vital project activities for functional completion were accomplished and the project had been handed over to the CETP for O&M in October 2014. Since then the plant has been in operation.

Post the handing over of the ZLD system to SIDCO-I CETP on conclusion of the contract with M/s. Hydroair Tectonics PCD Ltd., as reported by the CETP management, the following activities have been carried out by the SIDCO-I CETP out of their own resources with a view to improve technology and efficiency of treatment:
  • Primary treatment in aeration tank – 1: 96 Nos. OHR were installed and running successfully from 16 March 2017
  • Three submersible mixers and one floating aerator were installed in equalisation tank
  • New FRP tank installed for storage of PAC liquid
  • New third RO plant was installed at record time and running successfully thereby reducing load on evaporator. For this plant additional power of 250 kVA was also installed.
  • Shed was constructed on the top floor of MEE to protect it from rain
  • Boiler smoke and water tube units were changed to increase the efficiency.
  • New RCC shed for boiler was constructed
  • Shed was constructed to house DG sets
  • All flow meters of CETP were connected to online “Care Air Centre” of TNPCB.
  • Cameras were fixed for online surveillance by TNPCB
  • To improve housekeeping and better transportation new roads were formed and lawns were created for beautification.
  • New store room and materials store racks were purchased and installed.
  • Operator’s rest room was constructed.
  • 180 nos. of RO membranes were replaced in RO-I and RO-II and running satisfactorily since 24 May 2017.

That bulk of these expenditures was incurred out of its own resources clearly demonstrates the commitment of the CETP to continually upgrade technology and efficiency of the system.

During the year 2016-2017, it is reported by the CETP that they have incurred Rs. 13.17 crores towards O&M of the facility.
Photos of the Project

Upgraded Aeration Tank

Reactivator Clarifier

UF System


DG Sets

Evaporator structure

Overhead Tank

Reject Storage Tank


Primary Clarifloculator

Secondary Clarifier

Organic Scavenger and Multi Grade Filter

Ro Skid

Boiler and Accessories

Overall view of the Evaporator Section and Overhead Tank


Salt stored in ZLD unit


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