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Ranipet Tannery Effluent Treatment Company Ltd (Ranitec)

Ranipet is an industrial town about 110 km from Chennai on Chennai-Bangalore national highway. It has an important tannery cluster. There are more than 200 tanneries operating in and around Ranipet town. Apart from the tanneries there are about 51 leather product units, including factories for making shoes, leather goods, shoe components, etc. in and around this town. The total export turnover of the leather industrial sector from this cluster is about Rs.1000 crores per annum.

There are five common effluent treatment units (CETPs) operating for tanneries in  Ranipet and adjoining Melvisharam tannery clusters. Apart from the CETPs there are 10 individual effluent treatment plants for the tanneries.

Ranitec CETP is the largest CETP in tannery sector in Tamil Nadu with an installed treatment capacity of 4000 m3/d. It services 77 member tanneries. Ranipet Tannery Effluent Treatment Company Limited, a company, established by the member tanners, is responsible for operation and maintenance of the CETP. It is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of elected member tanners. Mr. Ramesh Prasad, a tanner of the area, is currently the Chairman of the company.

One of the first CETPs to be commissioned in the state, the Ranitec CETP was commissioned in the year 1995. Subsequently, it has been receiving continual technical assistance and support from CLRI, NEERI and UNIDO. Many additional features were added to the original CETP. These include two pre settlers, tertiary treatment etc. Over a period of time, Ranitec CETP has been regarded as a model CETP. Technical personnel from neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Indonesia had come to Ranitec CETP for on the job training under the aegis of UNIDO.

Contact details of the CETP:
Ranipet Tannery Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd

Madras-Krishnagiri Bye Pass Road
VC Mottur, Vannivedu Post
Walajah – 632 513.
Telephone: +91-4172-272 653 / 270
Contact Person: Mr. R. Ramesh Prasad, Chairman


The ZLD system in Ranitec CETP consists of the following:

  1. CETP upgradation: replacement of the collection and conveyance lines, new mixing system and odour control system in receiving sump, new mechanical screen, pre-settler, New aeration tank with new blowers and diffusers, additional mechanical sludge dewatering, softening to remove hardness and improvement in monitoring.
  2. RO system: Pre-treatment filtration, organic scavenger, ultra-filtration, two stage reverse osmosis and automated control system for the same.
  3. Mechanical Evaporation of RO reject: Seven effect evaporation with thermal vapour re-compression system and pusher centrifuge for separation of salts.
  4. Salt disposal yard: special disposal unit to store generated salt for two years at full capacity.
  5. Recovered water conveyance system: overhead tanks and piping system with metering for conveying the recovered water back to individual tanneries. Individual tanneries are providing individual storage tanks with more than one day storage capacity.

As a part of the project, it has been envisaged that the effluent from tanneries, numbering Nine, connected to another CETP in the region viz., Meltec, treating combined effluent from tanneries and leather board units, shall be diverted to the ZLD system at Ranitec and Meltec CETP shall be upgraded and maintained as a CETP for leather board units.

The turnkey implementation of the project was awarded to Mumbai based Hydroair Tectonics PCD Ltd based on a two stage competitive tendering.  The contract value is Rs. 42 crores and the total project cost including administrative charges is Rs. 44 Crores.

Current Position

Ranitec/Meltec project was fully commissioned in 2012 and was formally inaugurated by the former Minister of State, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India, Shri E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, on 23 September 2013.This was the first project of CEMCOT to achieve ZLD status

The entire system is operating successfully since then. 

Recently some supplementary activities were also taken up in the CETP which included automatic disc filter, piping and controls for the same and mixer-aerator in equalization tank. Replacement of diffusers with OHR in the aeration tank-1 was also carried out. Liquid oxygen was added in the aeration tank using mixed flow system to maintain consistent DO level in the aeration tank. To increase the concentration of reject thereby reducing the quantity of effluent fed to the evaporator, third stage disc type High Pressure RO system was installed.

Ranitec CETP has also taken up a project which is currently under implementation to augment the capacity of the CETP from 3000 m3/d to 4000 m3/d. The project includes additional primary clarifier, 600 kld ozone treatment plant, 1 mld UF/RO, 600 kld High Pressure RO and upgradation of certain equipment in the basic treatment for a total project cost of Rs. 17.84 crores under the ASIDE scheme.

As on March 2017, the entire ZLD system was in regular operation for more than three years.   The unit has obtained consent to operate (CTO) from Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board.

During the year 2016-17, the CETP spent Rs.24.02 crores towards O&M of the facility.

Ranitec was the first CETP in leather sector in the world to obtain ISO14001. Further, this was the first CETP to connect with the “Care air” system of Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board which enables the Board to keep a watch on the performance of the system on a real time basis.

The CETP has created its own technical team under a well qualified and experienced General Manager and technical staff to operate & maintain the complete system and provided them pre-employment and regular refresher training sessions to ensure O & M quality control.
View of Aeration Tank Re-activator Clarifier View of Filter Press house

View of Diesel Generators

RO Building

Organic scavengers installed

View of RO  Skids installed

View of UF Skid

Evaporator building

View of Evaporator section

View of Salt produced from Evaporator

View of OHT-I


New Office and Lab



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